Cricket Craftsmans Cup Winners, Summer 1972.

Cricket Craftsmans Cup Winners, Summer 1972.

Team photograph of the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) and European Cricket Craftsmans Cup Winners.

Standing, Left to Right: LCpl (Lance Corporal) Sanderson, Lt (Lieutenant) Shorthose, LCpl Andrews, WO2 (Warrant Officer) Freeman, Capt (Captain) Jessop, Maj (Major) Briggs (Team Captain), Cpl Troughton, Cfn (Craftsman) Pickles, Cpl Nulty and Cfn White.

Sitting, Left to Righr: Capt Hannaford, Sgt (Sergeant) Kenny, WO2 Baken, Cfn Aslam and Sgt Harman.

Summer 1972

From the album: ‘REME in BAOR (British Army of the Rhine)’ compiled by the REME Museum

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