Dinner in honour of Major General Sir Eric Bertram Rowcroft, KBE, CB

Dinner in honour of Major General Sir Eric Bertram Rowcroft, KBE, CB

The dinner was held at the Cafe Royal, London.

Back row, Left to Right: possibly Lieutenant Colonel P T F Unwin, Mr G O Bell, Brigadier C M Bostock, Brigadier D C McPherson.

Front row, Left to Right: Major P Mears, Lieutenant Col W J K Viney, possibly Lieutenant Colonel P H Bentley, Brigadier J A Marshall, Colonel H F Stubbs, Lieutenant Colonel McD G Smyth, Lieutenant Colonel J C Jefferson, possibly Lieutenant Colonel G A H Cardwell, Brigadier E R Caffyn, possibly Lieutenant Colonel A J S Watson, Lieutenant Colonel S J Driscall, Brigadier J A Connan, Major Gen A R Valon, Brigadier F R Bloor, Brigadier J P McClare, Major General E B Rowcroft, Brigadier H R Howard, Lieutenant Colonel E Roberts, Lieutenant Colonel A C Ball, Lieutenant Colonel G W Dowse, possibly Colonel W P B Ashton, Lieutenant Colonel J G Johnstone-Hall, Lieutenant Colonel F L Turnbull, Colonel F C Johnstone-Hall and Lieutenant Colonel D Badger.

8 February 1946

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