Group Photograph: Group 34 – SLC, Searchlight Control

Group Photograph: Group 34 – SLC, Searchlight Control

Back row: Second Lieutenant (2Lt) LC Froke probably United States Signal Corps (USSC), Cadet (Cdt) JH Slee Royal Marines (RM), 2Lt RA Wall USSC, CA Shaw, RT Whitney, Private (Pte) WH Bond Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), Lance Sergeant (LSgt) H Young Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC). Middle row: Signalman (Sgmn) J Phipps Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RC Sigs), 2Lt: EL Williams USSC, JW Gillings USSC, Sergeant (Sgt) AE Dawson Durham Light Infantry, Pte NH Millar RAMC, 2Lt: JH Platt USSC, WW Thomas USSC, Corporal (Cpl) RE Houlding. Front row: 2Lt JI Taylor Royal Artillery (RA) (Searchlight), Lieutenant (Lt) W Thurner Ordnance Mechanical Engineer (OME) RAOC, Sgt JG Ward Royal Army Pay Corps (RAPC) (Group Representative), 2Lt RA Gilson USSC and 2Lt PW Austin USSC.

c 1940s

From the album: ‘Radio Maintenance Officers and Wireless Maintenance Officers (Trained at Petersham in the Early Days of World War II)(Note radio then meant radar)’

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