Group Photograph: Group 46 – GL/MK II, Gun Laying, Mark II

Group Photograph: Group 46 – GL/MK II, Gun Laying, Mark II

Back row: Cadet (Cdt): M Laniado (148 TB), Bell, SH Marshall 165 Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU), AEW Hibbitt (165 OCTU), BL Coleman (148 TB), KA Seargeant (148 TB), D Cavanagh (148 TB), J Kevill (148 TB), AF Warren (148 TB), SW Horne (148 TB), WR Loosemore (148 TB), DF Perkins (148 TB) and P Bracegirdle (148 TB). Centre row: Cdt: KF Bishop (148 TB), J Whittle (148 TB), DGF Bailey (165 OCTU), DG Lindsay (148 TB), RF Martin (165 OCTU), T Bishop (165 OCTU), RT Goddard (148 TB), VC Howard (148 TB), L Coombes (148 TB), VD Worstall (165 OCTU), C Clavering (148 TB) and CJ Bell. Front row: RF Pym (165 OCTU), Lieutenant (Lt):AB Meiklejohn Royal Artillery (RA), EW Maxwell RA, Second Subaltern (2Sub) A Stevens Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), Lt RK Fulford Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC), 2Sub JEH Munson ATS, Lt R W Kennedy Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RCCS), Cdt RK Edwards (165 OCTU) and Cdt JL Quincey (165 OCTU).

c 1940s

From the album: ‘Radio Maintenance Officers and Wireless Maintenance Officers (Trained at Petersham in the Early Days of World War II)(Note radio then meant radar)’

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