Group Photograph: Group 50 – SLC, Searchlight Control

Group Photograph: Group 50 – SLC, Searchlight Control

Back row: Cadet (Cdt) JI Avery (148 TB), Lieutenant (Lt) JC Barlow REME, Cdt: GG Henderson (148 TB), GHR Poppleton (148 TB), Lt FJW Murdoch Royal Artillery (RA), Cdt: FHP Batte (148 TB) and GM Morrison (148 TB). Centre row: Cdt: JH Skinner (148 TB), M Purcell 165 Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU), DC Smith (148 TB), IA Pritchard (148 TB), HD Nobbs (148 TB), HJ White (148 TB), WB Tevendale (165 OCTU), FH Reynolds (148 TB), NS Thumpston (148 TB) and A Mason (148 TB). Front row: Cdt: PH Gledhill (148 TB), DW Evans (148 TB), EE Godfrey (165 OCTU), DR Gilbert (148 TB), Subaltern (Sub) LM Smith Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), Cdt: AWE Owens (148 TB), R Skelcher (148 TB), DHW Norman (148 TB) and EE Hayward (148 TB).


From the album: ‘Radio Maintenance Officers and Wireless Maintenance Officers (Trained at Petersham in the Early Days of World War II)(Note radio then meant radar)’

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