REME Sergeants (Sgts)’ Mess, Gibraltar, May 1948

REME Sergeants (Sgts)’ Mess, Gibraltar, May 1948

Back row: Sgts: P Green, GM Hudson, W Picken, AW Place, RW Lovelock, JW Pumfrey, GW Gough, J England, and AR Vickers.

Middle row: Staff Sergeants (S Sgts): JL Adam, AC Gregory, AH Quick, JD Williams, DJ Harland, AW Parsons, and BW Martin.

Front row: Artificer Quartermaster Sergeant (AQMS) CF Witts, Superintendent Clerk (Supt Clk) CV Warren, Artificer Sergeant Majors (ASM) FJ Dickenson and AJ Larcombe, Major Peathey-Johns, Lieutenant Colonel JB Douglas, Captain AR Barnes (Royal Artillery), ASM GF Mulford, Supt Clk TH Maquire, and Company Sergeant Major AE Willingale.

From the album ‘REME in Gibraltar’

May 1948

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