6 Field Workshop, Munster

6 Field Workshop, Munster

The site of 6 Field Workshop showing sign board, entrance gate and building before the handover. The workshop amalgamated with 12 Field Workshop to form 12 Armoured Workshop on 31 March 1977.

31 March 1977

From the album: ‘REME in BAOR (British Army of the Rhine)’ compiled by the REME Museum. A relevant article was published in ‘The Craftsman’ magazine, May 1977 Issue.

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One Response to 6 Field Workshop, Munster

  1. Sean says:

    This is an image of the main Guardroom and entrance into the Workshop compound circa 1970. I along with my colleagues spent many nights on guard duty keeping the Workshop safe. I used to volunteer to stay up and allow others on guard to sleep through the night. This gesture was always appreciated by my comrades. I used to sit in a large overstuffed armchair with a little Jack Russel Terrrier lying asleep on my lap. I could then relax and doze off knowing if anybody approaced the guardroom like the Duty Officer I would be woken up immediately by the dog. I was never caught napping and I love Jack Russel Terriers ever since.