7 Aviation Flight, Berlin

7 Aviation Flight, Berlin

Group photograph of 7 Aviation Flight, Berlin.

Back Row, Left to Right: Cpls (Corporals): Sisk, Bashford, Thornton, John, Hamilton and Dann.

Front Row, Left to Right: Sgts (Sergeants) Batters and Martin, WO1 (Warrant Officer) Robson, SSgt (Staff Sergeant) Harriman and Sgt Pandit.

September 1972.

From the album: ‘REME in BAOR (British Army of the Rhine)’ compiled by REME Museum. A relevant article was published in ‘The Craftsman’ magazine, September 1972 issue.

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3 Responses to 7 Aviation Flight, Berlin

  1. David Bashford says:

    Hi, small amendment to 7 Aviation Flight LAD REME:
    Front row SSgt Harriman, not Harrison.
    Cpl’s Thornton and Hamilton now RIP
    David Bashford

  2. David John says:

    Cpl John retired as Major.

  3. Zoe Tolman says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the catch! It can be difficult to decipher handwriting sometimes so we really appreciate the inside knowledge to help us get it right.

    Best wishes,