REME in Eritrea

REME in Eritrea

Group photograph of unidentified unit.

Back row, Left  to Right: Craftsman (Cfn) Elliot, Lance Corporal Sykes, Craftsmen: Duncan, McVeigh, Smith and Lance Corporal Rowe.

Centre row, Left to Right: Craftsmen:  Cain,  Gambles, Caddick, Lance Corporal Harvey, Craftsmen: Chittick, Bennett and  Glynn.

Front row, Left to Right: Corporal Hill, Sergeant Seldon, Staff Sergeant Brown, Captain Croft, Artificer Quartermaster Sergeant (AQMS) Barker, Staff Sergeant Callaghan and Sergeant Newstead.


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2 Responses to REME in Eritrea

  1. Martin Chitticks says:

    My Father is in the picture, craftsman Chitticks. I have other photos of him and others in Eritrea, pics of Pirt Said, would you be interested fir the museum. I am trying to fund out whu the Army was in Eritrea in 1951 can you help ?

  2. Zoe Tolman says:

    Dear Martin,

    Could I ask you to get in touch with us at They’ll be able to talk through your query about the army in Eritrea and about the other photos.

    Best wishes,