REME/RCT Pentathlon Team, June 1970.

REME/RCT Pentathlon Team, June 1970.

REME/RCT (Royal Corps of Transport) Pentathlon Team with trophy.  Photograph features Jim Fox, Jim Darby and another member.

June 1970

From the album: ‘REME in the UK, Vol I’ compiled by the REME Museum

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2 Responses to REME/RCT Pentathlon Team, June 1970.

  1. Major (retired) Terry Bunyard says:

    The trophy is the Laffan Cup. The British national team championship award, originally presented by the Reverend de Courcy Laffan of the British Olympic committee organising secretary of the 1908 Olympic Games. The three members of the winning team are L to R Jim Darby. The “another person” Terry Bunyard and Jim Fox,all serving REME soldiers.

  2. Zoe Tolman says:

    Thank you for the extra information – it’s always wonderful to be able to fill in the missing names (and congratulations by the way!)