Photos with tags: Light Aid Detachments

657 Squadron Army Air Corps LAD (Light Aid Detachment), Soltau.
99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
47th Light Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD) ‘A’ Team
‘Farewell Malaysia’
Royal visit to 14/20th King’s Hussars Light Aid Detachment (LAD), REME
18 Signal Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
London District Small-Bore Champions, 1970.
3 Royal Tank Regiment LAD (Light Aid Detachment)
6 Armoured Brigade and Signal Squadron, LAD (Light Aid Detachment)
1 Div HQ and Sigs Regt, LAD (1 Division Headquarters and Signals Regiment Light Aid Detachment)
3 Light Infantry LAD (Light Aid Detachment), 1975
3 Carabiniers LAD (Light Aid Detachment) with hovercraft, December 1966.
9 Squadron Workshop REME, October 1970.
12 Mechanised Brigade Headquarters and Signals Squadron LAD (Light Aid Detachment)
HQ 1 (BR) Corps, Headquarters 1 (British) Corps, and HQ Regt LAD (Headquarters Regimental Light Aid Detachment)
331 Transport Company Light Aid Detachment (LAD). Annual Training, 1955.
Headquarters ‘X’ Guards Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD), 1952
Major General D A K Redman, CB, OBE, inspecting Quarter Guard of 2 Royal Tank Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD) REME, North Africa, 24 January 1962.
Captain Royston Acres and members of CCK Infantry Light Aid Detachment, Korea