99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

Group photograph of 99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade LAD – ‘The (not so wild) men of Borneo’

Left to right: Bob Duxbury, Len Barraclough, Jim Marston, Brian Langford, Bob Culshaw, Artificer Sergeant Major (ASM) Whitehall,  Alec Ranken, Darkie Real, Sergeant (Sgt) Jim Extance, Geordie Wintrip, Robby Robertson, and Bill Armes.

From the album ‘REME in the Far East’


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3 Responses to 99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  1. Bob DUXBURY says:

    Comments as follows. The ASM was Jock or Slim Whitehall, he was known by both Nik Names. His name isn’t given alongside the photo. The photograph was taken in 1965 not circa 1070’s during the ”Confrontation” as it was called with Indonesia. The LAD location where the photo was taken was in a Rice ‘Godown’ or storage facility on Green Road on the outskirts of Kuching.

    Bob Duxbury, that’s me sitting on the front wing of the 4T Bedford with my elbow on the window. I was with the LAD from October 1964 to Oct 1965.

  2. Zoe Tolman says:

    Dear Bob,

    Thank you for the extra information, it’s always great to learn a bit more about these images. We can only go by what information we have so we also really appreciate those with more accurate details for us and I’ve amended it as such.

    Best wishes,

  3. Bob Duxbury says:

    Dear Zoe, please accept my apologies for sending the same information regarding 99 Gurkha Bde LAD personnel again. I only saw the original photo and names, not the one showing that you had amended the names to include ASM Slim Whitehall. My apologies, Bob Duxbury( Retd WO1)