Photos with tags: Light Aid Detachments

99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
47th Light Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD) ‘A’ Team
‘Farewell Malaysia’
Royal visit to 14/20th King’s Hussars Light Aid Detachment (LAD), REME
18 Signal Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
London District Small-Bore Champions, 1970.
3 Royal Tank Regiment LAD (Light Aid Detachment)
6 Armoured Brigade and Signal Squadron, LAD (Light Aid Detachment)
1 Div HQ and Sigs Regt, LAD (1 Division Headquarters and Signals Regiment Light Aid Detachment)
3 Light Infantry LAD (Light Aid Detachment), 1975
657 Squadron Army Air Corps LAD (Light Aid Detachment), Soltau.
3 Carabiniers LAD (Light Aid Detachment) with hovercraft, December 1966.
9 Squadron Workshop REME, October 1970.
12 Mechanised Brigade Headquarters and Signals Squadron LAD (Light Aid Detachment)
HQ 1 (BR) Corps, Headquarters 1 (British) Corps, and HQ Regt LAD (Headquarters Regimental Light Aid Detachment)
331 Transport Company Light Aid Detachment (LAD). Annual Training, 1955.
Headquarters ‘X’ Guards Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD), 1952
Major General D A K Redman, CB, OBE, inspecting Quarter Guard of 2 Royal Tank Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD) REME, North Africa, 24 January 1962.
Captain Royston Acres and members of CCK Infantry Light Aid Detachment, Korea