Photos with tags: South Asia

99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
Major General L H Atkinson OBE, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (DEME) Ministry of Defence (Mindef) (War Office), takes the salute from a Guard of Honour
‘Farewell Malaysia’
‘Farewell Malaysia’
‘Farewell Malaysia’
REME Wives Guild, Singapore, 1971
Visit of the Chief of the General Staff (CGS), General Sir Michael Carver, to Singapore
Officers and men of Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom (ANZUK) Area Workshop, Singapore.
35 Transport Squadron, Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) Workshop
40 Base Workshop
10 Port Squadron Workshop, Singapore, November 1969
18 Signal Regiment Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
99 Ghurkha Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment (LAD)
Singapore Road Safety Award winners
Brunei Garrison Workshop REME, c 1974/5
Exercise Rovergang 2
Exercise “Rovergang” – adventure training for young officers
41 Base Workshop, Singapore.
41 Base Workshop, Singapore
Millar Suspension Bridge
Millar Suspension Bridge
Seven-a-Side rugby team, c 1958
13/18 Royal Hussars, ‘C’ Squadron, 3 Troop
REME Singapore hockey team, 1958/1959
Athletics team, c 1958
Football team, c 1958
Hockey team, c 1958
Guard of Honour at a cocktail party in Malaya (Malaysia), March 1958
Visit by Major General W A Lord, CB, CBE to Malaya (Malaysia), March 1955.
Officers of HQ 28 Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade Group, Malaya (Malaysia)
41 Base Workshop, Singapore, 1957
41 Base Workshop, Singapore, April 1957